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When you find a technique or element in your artistry that you love and that works for you, I think it’s really great and actually also super important to keep doing it! I am not saying you have to (or should) repeat the exact look or one particular element in the exact same way every single time, but also, don’t be afraid to use a technique you love over and over again! Kim’s scrapbook page today is a great example of what I mean. She is a master at watercolors and does it in such a beautiful way. One of the techniques I see her doing over and over is painting a watercolor wash on her background page. Over time, as she has repeated that element in her scrapbooking, it has helped to really depict her as an artist and it’s a portrayal of her unique style.

Now, it doesn’t mean only she can do that technique or that others can’t be inspired to try the same thing. It just means that she loves it and along the way it has become a part of what she does. One time it might be very soft and subtle. Other times more bright and saturated. She varies the look and it’s never the exact same, but it’s that technique she loves and she’s not afraid to repeat it and keep on doing it. I urge us all to be inspired by that, because as we keep on doing the things we love, we develop as artists and we find these little things that all combine together to make us individual and unique! Read on to find out how she created this beautiful scrapbook page!

I love making simple quick layouts because time is always an issue working full time and having so many interests, like scrapbooking! This page I created with just a simple wash of peach watercolor as my background. I usually add lots of white to give it that washed out look.  Certain peaches and oranges don’t seem to photograph very well for me but the lighter tones are great.  After I let the background dry I grabbed lots of the stickers and chipboard from the Gather collection to use and picked the ones that fit best on my page. Next I added the large “happy heart” title from the new Chasing Dreams collection. Most of the embellishments from Maggie’s different collections can work together very nicely.  For this page I used a few of the rose chipboard pieces in addition to some watercolor cutouts from my stash that I had previously created using my Silhouette die cut machine and watercolor paints.  I layered them across my page with some simple sketched leaves too!

Happy crafting everyone!Happy Tuesday!


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