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JAN16-ssclub-tutorial-headerDesigner Angie Briggs starts the New Year off for us with her delightful ScrapSimple Club: Capturing Moments — full of amazing products perfect for any type of photo. Although I’m familiar with all of the products in this club, I discovered that by taking a step further than just my usual layering and clipping, I could achieve some fabulous results!

I love this photo of my cat, Mia, sitting by the window. The picture is cute as-is, however, by playing with the masks in this month’s ScrapSimple Club I was really able to enhance it, without spending hours trying to figure out how to make adjustments in Photoshop.

JAN17_SSClubTut_Photo2 The trick was to not only clip the photo to a mask, which helped crop out the distracting brown paper, but to then clip another mask on top of the photo and use Blending modes to punch up the texture and add richness to the color. Yes, you read that right, a mask under the photo AND on top of the photo!JAN17_SSClubTut_SS1 Here is a side-by-side comparison:JAN17_SSClubTut_Photo1
The effect of layering the mask over the photo can be as bold or as subtle as you like, depending on your Blending modes and opacity. Keep in mind, however, that subtle effects and changes can often give your photos and layouts more impact than you may realize.

What techniques can you try while scrapping with this month’s ScrapSimple Club: Capturing Moments? Come and share your layouts with us today in the Scrap Girls Gallery!JAN17_SSClubTut_LO

greydotdividerCLUB-SG-SS0117-CarouselAn Amazing Deal!If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $19.15 and we offer it to you for just $6.99 a month!MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONArticle by Melanie CockshottUsing Photoshop CC on Windows 10

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