Scrap Girls SS Club Exclusive: Indispensable


Dec 2016 SS Club

This month, we welcome Jopke van Dongen of JopkeDesigns to the ranks of our ScrapSimple Club designers with her very first ScrapSimple Club. While there is something for everyone in this club, she especially thinks art journaling fans will love it: “This club is great for art journaling layouts because it’s full of masks and templates that are guaranteed to work well together!”

greydotdividerFun Fact: “I always start off the titles in my collections as ‘The One….’ This kit is ‘The One That’s Indispensable’ because I’ve filled it with all the ‘go-to’ things that we just can’t live without. You can’t have too many masks and overlays and brushes in your stash!”

Dec SS Club Layout Inspiration

dec16_ssclub_lo_vllLayout by Vikki Lamargreydotdivider1216_SSClub_JOD_AFL_LOLayout by Amy Flanagangreydotdividerdec16_ssclub_lo_arhLayout by Andrea-Rose Huttongreydotdividerdec16_ssclub_lo_strLayout by Shannon TrombleygreydotdividerTheme of this Club: Jopke said, “This club is all about masks and blending – using the paper templates to blend together to make unique papers or using the clipping masks to blend photos into the papers. It’s about being fun and creative and not worrying about mistakes, because most of the time, mistakes can be beautiful!”



DECEMBER 2016 SCRAPSIMPLE CLUBjod_ssdec2016_indispensable_prevcarouselAn Amazing Deal!If you were to buy all of the items in the club individually from the Boutique they would cost $19.15 and we offer it to you for just $6.99 a month!MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONadd2cart_orggreydotdividerNot only do Scrap Girls Club Members save money but they also get exclusive Members-Only content every single month!dec16-ssclub-bonusjoinnow_org

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